Shanti Bhavan has been our beneficiary for eight years. From the success of Tufaan 2017, we were able to donate $20,000 to the school. As a result of the long standing relationship and support, Shanti Bhavan has dedicated their 5th grade classroom to Tufaan, and it is now called the 'Tufaan Entertainment Room'.

Shanti Bhavan in the Media

A short video showing life at Shanti Bhavan.

Daughters of Destiny

In July 2017, a Netflix released a documentary mini-series about Shanti Bhavan called Daughters of Destiny. Following 5 girls of various ages at the school, it shows the upbringing and background of the students, and challenges faced by students as they navigate this “double life” – we strongly suggest watching it in order to get a glimpse into how Shanti Bhavan transforms the lives of its students through education.

About the School

Shanti Bhavan is a unique institution serving children from India’s lowest caste – The Dalits or “untouchables” – who are routinely victims of social segregation and discrimination. These children live on 50 cents a day, often in abusive situations. Shanti Bhavan strives to build a future for these children beyond the limitations of their social class. The programs at Shanti Bhavan address the holistic development of a child; their multi-faceted approach focuses on emotional health, intellectual stimulation, physical fitness, artistic expression, and cognitive growth, carefully developed within a strong moral foundation.

Teachers and volunteers follow a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, providing children a competitive English-medium education in sciences, mathematics, languages, business and the arts, which prepares Shanti Bhavan Students for advanced studies. All 14 students from the school’s first graduation class of 2010 were accepted into top colleges in Bangalore, all of which are considered among the best universities in India.

Shanti Bhavan creates immediate benefits to both its children and the private sector in India. Having received high levels of academic achievement and unparalleled success, its children will take a significant leap in their personal and professional lives, allowing for a permanent break from the cycle of poverty. Graduates of the program will support their households and contribute to the development of their communities in long-term and self-sustaining ways.

In the private sector, Shanti Bhavan immediately provides an avenue for corporations to exercise social responsibility through support of projects, and extends a proven education model to poor communities. In the long term, replication of this model will contribute high educated, productive employees to India, who are able to thrive both domestically and internationally.

The Shanti Bhavan model, if scaled, offers an opportunity for the private sector to achieve what the public sector has yet been unable to accomplish – the dream of a socially equitable society and a vibrant economy through the creation of meaningful opportunities for historically deprived communities in India. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

The contributions of valued sponsors like you will help us encourage awareness and appreciation of South Asian culture through a national dance competition, allowing all profit that we are able to raise from the event to be donated to Shanti Bhavan to support their commendable cause.

To learn more about Shanti Bhavan, please visit their website.

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It only takes $4 a day to educate a child at Shanti Bhavan. With graduates working at companies like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Mercedes Benz, and JP Morgan, it's clear that there is a lot of potential in these kids. A little bit goes a long way, and given the resources and opportunities, the children of Shanti Bhavan can and will break down the social and economic barriers of the cast system.

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