Keya Amin

Marketing Chair @ Tufaan Entertainment

Keya is a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences with a minor in Global Health Studies. In addition to being the Marketing Director for Tufaan Entertainment (for the second year now!), she is also the President of the South Asian Student Alliance, involved with the Society of Women Engineers, and works in the Industrial Engineering department at Northwestern. Her favorite thing to do in her free time when she’s not rewatching The Office or taking a nap is to overuse storm related emojis on Tufaan’s social medias. Keya loves the fact that Tufaan brings so many super hype people into Evanston for such an amazing cause, and absolutely loves the relationship between Tufaan and the students at Shanti Bhavan, especially when they come out to Tufaan. If you couldn’t tell from all the social media posts, Keya is so excited for the storm and can’t wait for Tufaan 2018!