Nikki Antony

VIP Chair @ Tufaan Entertainment

Nikki, a Political Science major and Global Health Studies minor, is Tufaan 2018’s VIP chair. She’s in Alpha Chi Omega, will be dancing on Anubhav in the fall, and does policy research on campus. She loves to eat and sleep (we can relate!) as well as dance, watch Netflix, play pool (and gossip) with friends. She loves learning about history and other cultures and is super into talking politics. Her favorite dance move is the whip, and she loves Tufaan because she loves working with an amazing and wonderfully diverse group of people who are passionate about improving the competition and increasing the impact that Tufaan has on SB. She loves Shanti Bhavan because she appreciates how invested they are in improving all facets of the children’s’ lives, not just giving them an impressive education, but helping them grow into independent, talented, intelligent, leaders.