Nikki Antony

Co-Executive Director @ Tufaan Entertainment

Hi!! I’m Nikki, I’m a junior studying political science and minoring in economics and business. Along with Tufaan, I’m also VP of Education in TAMID, a business club that connects students in the US with opportunities to gain business skills by working with Israeli start ups. I LOVE Tufaan because I think the power of education is unparalleled in changing the course of someone’s life. Working with Shanti Bhavan and other students on our staff has given me an opportunity to contribute to an organization that is making a tangible impact on society and allows college students here to express themselves through dance and connect with our South Asian culture. Besides that, the people on Tufaan are my family, my closest friends, and some of the only people in the world I’d willingly spend roughly ~72 hours straight with. This club has given me so much and it’s an honor to give back to make every year more successful. FUN FACT: I spent this past summer in Tel Aviv working at a med-tech start up!