Nirmal Mulaikal

Sponsorship and Finance Chair @ Tufaan Entertainment

Nirmal Mulaikal, a rising sophomore, is one of Tufaan 2018’s Sponsorship and Finance chairs! He currently studies journalism and political science at Northwestern. Aside from Tufaan, he’s involved with SASA (South Asian Students Alliance), Camp Kesem, the Medill Justice Project, and sports journalism research on campus. He loves playing basketball, watching bollywood movies, eating, and tagging his friends in memes. His favorite dance style is the salsa, and it’s a rare occasion when he doesn’t have a slurpee in hand! His favorite thing about Tufaan is the connection with Shanti Bhavan, because he loves how impactful and tangible the message Shanti Bhavan embodies, and how it empowers children through education and awareness, and ultimately helps shape our futures.