Swagata Patnaik

Hospitality Chair @ Tufaan Entertainment

Swagata, a junior studying Psychology, is the hospitality chair for Tufaan this year. She is also a counselor at Camp Kesem, a camp for kids whose parents are affected by cancer, and Education Chair of the South Asian Student Alliance. She loves to dance, whether it be classical, contemporary or Bollywood and was on Northwestern Anubhav for the past two years. Her favorite dance move is the tour jeté because it took her a long time to master and makes her feel like she can fly (for that split second in the air). What she loves most about Tufaan is seeing the dance team members interact with the students from Shanti Bhavan who come for Tufaan weekend because it shows how Tufaan connects the passion of dancers in the circuit to a noble cause like education for kids in India.