Cahn Auditorium

Cahn Auditorium was built in 1940 at the corner of Sheridan Road and Emerson Street. It is complete with an orchestra pit and audience seating for over 1000 people. With stage dimensions of 30 x 40 feet, the auditorium also includes individual team dressing rooms, a green room, and TV with a performance live stream.


March 24th Parking Options

Parking is available on the 24th in the garage of Pick-Staiger Concert Hall at 50 Arts Circle Drive, as well as in the University lots west of Lutkin Hall at 700 University Place. University Place and Emerson Street also have limited street parking. Paid parking is available in the Church Street self-park garage, located at the intersection of Church Street and Chicago Avenue.



Evanston Food Recommendations

Obviously the best pizza in the world is deep-dish; we suggest Lou Malnati’s! Our favorite menu item is “the Lou”.

Another classic is Giordano’s – we love the softer crust and cheesiness of this authentic Chicago-style pizza!

If you’re not feeling deep-dish or you’re looking for a quicker option, Papa John’s is always a reliable choice!

You can also never go wrong with Domino’s – we’ve ordered this on late nights more than we’d like to admit…

If you’re in the mood for tacos and at a more upscale restaurant, we’d suggest Taco Diablo. The food is amazing and the drinks menu is extensive!

La Cocinita, located just minutes from campus, is a more low-key option for tacos! With vegetarian options available and an amazing selection of tacos to choose from, we can’t say enough about this place!

It’d be disrespectful to mention our favorite fast food joints without mentioning our one true love, Taco Bell! We think this one speaks for itself.

Located in the middle of downtown Evanston, Chipotle is always a popular choice among students at Northwestern!

The 24-hour Burger King, rumored to be one of the highest grossing locations in the nation, is always a popular choice for late night study breaks.

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, Jimmy John’s is always a fresh and ~freaky fast~ option (sorry, we had to)!

If you’re in the mood for North Indian or Nepali food, we recommend Mt. Everest! The food is amazing, and there’s a full bar!

Todoroki is a higher end Japanese restaurant. We strongly suggest the hibachi experience, and their sushi is incredible (especially the all-you-can-eat menu)!

FlatTop Grill is a super unique stir-fry restaurant that allows customers to build their own mixes. It’s a perfect spot for anyone with dietary restrictions!

If we didn’t mention Joyyee’s on this list, it’d be a crime! It’s a favorite amongst Northwestern students for the big portion sizes and reasonable prices, as well as the amazing bubble tea!